“FRITHERM”  is a tinted pale blue liquid on basis of ethylene glycol, for use as an anti-freezing and anticorrosive agent in any technical application e.g.
in closed hot water heating systems, heat pumps and as cooling brine in industrial refrigeration equipment.
Fritherm is not suitable for the use in food or pharmaceutical applications.
Fritherm contains corrosion inhibitors that protect the metals of the cooling and heating systems, even in combined systems, permanently against corrosion
and prevent the formation of boiler scale. Glycol/water mixtures without inhibitors cannot be used because they are more corrosive than pure water alone.
Its antifreeze action is based on ethylene glycol. To achieve the required frost resistance, Fritherm is mixed with tap water containing a maximum of 100 mg/kg

The good corrosion-inhibiting properties of Fritherm water mixtures decrease - as might be expected - with increasing water content.
The optimization of the corrosion inhibition system was performed without the use of CMR-substances (cancerogenic, mutagenic, reprotoxic).

  Technical data
Density at 20 °C (DIN 51757), g/cm³                                                                     about 1.12
Refractive index nD at 20°C (DIN 51423, part 2)                                               about 1.434
pH value (Fritherm : water = 1 : 2) (DIN 51369)                                                   8,0- 9,0
Reserve alkalinity (ASTM D 1121) ml c (HCI) 0.1 m                                          min. 12
Boiling point at 1013 mbar (ASTM D 1120), °C                                                 about 165
Pour point (DIN 51583), °C                                                                                       about -70
Kinematic viscosity at 20 °C (DIN 51562), mm²/s                                           about 23

The Fritherm concentration of the heat transfer medium should therefore be at least 20 %v/v. Such a solution is resistant to freezing down to approx. -10 °C.
Fritherm is miscible with all commercial heat transfer fluids based on ethylene glycol.
It is advisable, if at all possible, not to use the product in galvanized pipelines, since all glycol/water mixtures can dissolve zinc. It has been found that
 Fritherm can be used in installations for many years. However, the Fritherm concentration in the installation should be checked annually. This check is also
advisable when the installation is topped up with liquid. The performance of the Fritherm/water mixture should also be checked at intervals of one to two years.
 Fritherm has a shelf life of at least three years if it is stored in closed original packaging.   Further information will be found in the current EG
safety data sheet.

“FRITHERM”  is supplied in 10, 25 L canisters, 210 L plastic drums and in 1000 L IBC.

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