“EKOFRITHERM-35” SOLAR is a clear liquid, tinted pale red, for use as  a heat transfer medium in solar heating, especially those exposed to high thermal loads.

Its antifreeze action is provided by the toxicologically harmless 1.2-propylene glycol. The product is premixed ready for use with deionized water to give a frost resistance of about -35°C. "Ekofritherm-35" SOLAR was developed because of the increased use of vacuum collectors, which have a high stand-still temperature of up to+230°C. 

“Ekofritherm-35” SOLAR  also contains corrosion inhibitors that protect the metals of the cooling and heating systems, even in combined systems,  permanently against corrosion and prevent the formation of boiler scale. It is inhibited with non-toxic corrosion inhibitors and is nitrite-,  amine- and phosphate-free.  Suitable in use with all standard seal materials. Do not use the product in galvanized pipelines as all glycol/water mix-tures can dissolve zinc and precipitate as zinc glycolate. Permanent usage temperatures: ca. -35 bis 168°C. 

"Ekofritherm -35" SOLAR  has a storage stability of at least three years, if stored in closed original packaging.  “Ekofritherm-35” SOLAR  is supplied in 10, 25 L canisters, 210 L plastic drums.

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