Windscreen washers


WINDSCREEN WASHER FLUID (Winter) is a mixture of demineralised water or aqueous solution of ethanol and performance additives, fragrance components and colorants.

Due to modern detergents the fluid is effectively cleans screens of dirt, fat (oil) and other organic compounds. It’s also provides environmental safety. The products are denaturised with small amounts of glycols, denatonium benzoate and ketones in accordance to the European Customs regulations.

WINDSCREEN WASHER FLUID fluids are inactive to paint films, resins and plastic components of the vehicles.

WINDSCREEN WASHER FLUID do not contain methanol

WINDSCREEN WASHER FLUID is supplied in 1, 4, 5, 10, 25 L canisters, 210 L plastic drums  and in 1000 L IBC

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